The main industries that we service are the POULTRY, DAIRY, WINE/BEVARAGE and FOOD industry. Our main capability lies in engineering and design of facilities and we have superior skill for industrial on site installation work like pipe lines. We have over the years obtained valuable experience in the diary and poultry industry. We can for instance manufacture the following products for the poultry and other industries: crate washers, shackle washers, rotary screens, positive displacement pumps in any size for giblet pipe lines, all work station platforms, conveyors, peeling stations for poultry etc.

We can weld: Stainless steel, Mild steel and Aluminium.

We have in our workshop various machines and capabilities but we will outsource certain processes if need be.

Some of the machines that we have in our workshop is:

  • a sheet metal guillotine with a 3 meter wide bed
  • a sheet metal roller with a 1.5 meter bed that can role sheets of various thicknesses depending on the width
  • a press break sheet metal bender with a 3 meter bed
  • various polishing / brush machines for sheet metal like stainless steel
  • hand Plasma cutters

We work with grade 304/316 Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminium

What we do:

  • Design and manufacturing of new Facilities
  • Upgrade of your existing Facilities
  • Manufacturing and design of custom made Stainless Steel, Mild Steel and Aluminium Products
  • We do on site installations of Products